Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Shepherd's Pie

While in school, my best friend is Doreen Fong. Oh! That was many many many years ago. We clicked as we both (even at that young age, would you believe it?) like to try new recipes. She would sometimes came over my place, stayed overnight (normally waktu cuti sekolah) and turned my mother's kitchen upside down.
This Shepherd's Pie recipe(as above) was given by my dear Doreen (who's now had settle down in Miri, jauh la Doreen) while we were in Form 5. I've modified it over the years and now it's a hit among my nieces, nephews and younger cousins especially that gentleman from Ipoh - Meor Hamzah.

Ingredients A(Fillings):
From left:
Mix vege, minced chicken/beef, sos tiram, mushroom, garlic, salt, white pepper, oregano and thymes(centre).

Fry the garlic and then add mushroom.

Add mix vege

Masukkan minced chicken / beef .

Campurkan sedikit air lebihan mushroom.

Add salt, white pepper, oregano and thymes.

Finally campurkan sos tiram/soy sauce and cooked until dry.

Ingredient B (Pastry):
From left:
USA potatoes,butter, white pepper,cheese,milk.
Boiled the potatoes first in their jacket with salt until soft. Cool it and peeled skin.
To make it easier, blend all the ingredients, rather than mashed it using fork. You can add more milk.

Masukkan ing.B kat dalam bekas .

Put the filling on top of it.

Coverkan the filling dengan remaining potatoes.

Taburkan cheese kat atasnya( you can use any types of cheese).

Put it in the oven and bake until lightly brown.

Done. Yummy... yummy


  1. looks simple enough, maybe i give it a try one day...

  2. yes, do give it a try, am sure your boys will love it. thanks for dropping by. I'm gonna to try your recipe this weekend

  3. kak yan.. thank you, thank you.. nak try la nanti.. satu je, air mushroom tu air rebusan ke rendaman ?

  4. Anom,
    rebus ke rendam ke ,mana-mana boleh. Kalau Anom gunakan foil yang bulat-bulat tu lagi senang dan cantik.Lepas makan boleh buang aje.