Sunday, September 30, 2007

Badak Berendam

This is one of the traditional kuih (sweets) that we usually make during Ramadan. Both my husband and his eldest brother love it. Yes, to these days I still wonder why the name is as such. Every Ramadan, my Asma will always asks the same question (you see she’s the one who will spend most of her time helping me in the kitchen especially during Ramadan).

Badak Berendam (literally means soaking rhinocerous). Rather odd and off but it is one delicious and sweet kuih. It’s not that difficult to make. In fact, if you know the technique, Badak Berendam is rather easy just like making another Malaysian favourite Buah Melaka.

For the fillings:
250g palm sugar (gula merah)
Shredded coconut (from one coconut)
A pinch of salt

For the wrap (the badak, hmm)
300g glutinous rice flour (tepung pulut)
1 cup water
A pinch of salt

For the sauce
½ kilo of coconut milk
A pinch of salt
1 tablespoon flour


Mix all the ingredients for the filling in a pan and put in on fire (medium) for 15 to 20 minutes. Set it aside to cool.
Mix all the ingredients for the wrap until fluffy.
Then take a small amount of the mixed flour (a size of a marble) and stuff it with the filling. Do as many as desired.
In the meantime, sprinkle sugar in a bowl and arrange all the badaks in it.
Pour the sauce in the bowl. Make sure the sauce does not cover the badaks altogether, at least half soak. Steam them for about 5 to 8 minutes.
Then serve it hot. Done.

Tagged: All Five

I was tagged by my husband (of all people…). I’m really not good with this thing but here goes..

Five things in my hand bag:
1-My purse given by my husband.
2-Minyak cap kapak.
3- Bil- bil rumah (Yang dah bayar jer..yg belum lg simpan kat dalam fail)
4.-Lipstic and a small mirrow
5. Bedak compact Johnson&Johnson

Five things in my wallet:
1. Mykad
2. My driving license
3. My beloved husband’s photos.
4. My picture with my husband and Faizah (my niece) masa mula-mula Faizah nak pergi Jepun dulu.(It was more than five years ago)
5. Banyak-banyak……… duit syiling.

Five things in my favourite room (Bedroom):
1. My pillow. And my favourite katil
2. Aircondition( Kalau aircond rosak ke – macam hari tu – I lari tidur kat bilik lain)
3. Shelf or mantelpiece betul-betul kat belakang katil yang I letak bunga dan lilin .
4. This one purple notice board
5. My dressing table (it was actually a side table that we bought like 13 years ago – the table had gone around the house from living room to dining area to kitchen and now it resides in my bed room. Cantik ler pulak)

Five things I would like to do:
1. To lose weight gegila babi.
2. To perform umrah and haji with my family
3. To be successful in my new project.
4. To buy this condo and renovate it macam kat dalam catalog Ikea..
5. To buy a new car (mpv kot…).

Five things I'm currently on:
1. Balik raya sebelum raya.( dah tiga tahun raya kat KL…balik kejap jer pada 1 raya)
2. Finishing the 30 quick-mix recipes.
3. Nak khatam Quran tapi dah jauh sangat ketinggalan dengan my mother
4. Taking good care of my mother-in law yang sakit( moga Allah bagi kekuatan..kesabaran).
5. Buat revision dengan Alia dan Arissa for their final exam

Itu saja. Now do I want to tag anybody else? It seems everybody I know have been tagged, so that leaves me with not so many people….okay lar I tag my niece Nisah (buat jer dlm your fotopages), my eldest Alia, Meor (adi’s dad), Mumsie's in Geneva, and Hanny (nun jauh di Japan... tak pe you can do it after Raya)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Untukmu Nurin hanya Al-Fatihah

Setelah sekian lama menghilang dan dicari, terpempan bila dikejutkan dengan berita bahawa anak kecil yang mati dibungkus di dalam sebuah beg gym adalah Nurin. Begitu hebat cubaan untuk si ayah dan ibu. Kami berkongsi hiba. Al fatihah, anakku Nurin. Semoga berbahagia di syurga sana.

Friday, September 14, 2007


The Yam Cake (pix by Asma)

Today for buka puasa I made a Yam Cake. A favourite of dear hubby. Yam Cake ni actually is famous among the Chinese. It's a chinese dish. Anyway, this particular recipe was by a very dear family friend whom I called Kak Yap.
When I was still in my secondary school, Kak Yap ni was our next door neighbour for a couple of months. She was nurse at Pusat Kesihatan Kampar. When she moved to the hospital quarters not far away, she still datang over our place after work. She cycled over almost everyday. She would cook for us, most of the time. So we learned quite a few Chinese recipe (especially my sister as I was still very young so lebih kepada makan lar).
Even during puasa pun she will come and cook for us like this particular Yam cake. She would join us for buka puasa and when we did our Maghrib prayers, she would sit by watching us. Then we had dinner. Lepas tu we buat session mengaji Al-Quran. After that dia pulang. For many, having a Chinese girl over even for buka puasa every day, let alone cooking for us, would be considered odd but really to us it was nothing.
Then she got married and moved away and we lost contact. Too bad... but now looking back at those days, I simply love being a Malaysian. What a feeling!
Anyway, here I'm sharing you the recipe. Sedap ooooo....

Yam Cake
Bahan A
1 biji keladi(saiz sederhana) -dipotong dadu
3 biji bawang merah -dimayang halus
2 sudu sos tiram
Sedikit minyak bijan
Sedikit garam
Minyak untuk menumis

2 cawan tepung beras
3 cawan air

Bahan Hiasan
100gram udang kering (digoreng tanpa minyak dan di kisar)
1 bungkus bawang goreng
3 biji cili merah (dihiris)
Daun bawang dan daun sop(dihiris)

Cara membuatnya:
Bahan A
Panaskan minyak dan tumis bawang sehingga wangi
Masukkan keladi dan sedikit air
Masukkan sos tiram, garam dan minyak bijan
Biarkan di atas api sehingga separuh masak dan set aside

Bancuh tepung beras dan air
Campurkan dengan bahan A
Selepas 10 minit taburkan bahan hiasan ke atas kek keladi dan tekan menggunakan sudu. Selepas 2 minit tabur lagi bahan C dan lakukan semula selepas 2 minit untuk lapisan yang teratas.

Enak dimakan bersama sos cili. (My hubby mesti nak makan dengan Sos Cili Lingam)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Selamat Menyambut Ramadan

Salam Semua:
Selamat Menyambut Ramadan. Semoga Amal Ibadat Kita diBerkati Allah.

Monday, September 10, 2007


This is Naim trying to "murder" the cake given by the pihak perempuan

Last Saturday, my family and I went to Shah Alam untuk majlis meminang bagi pihak my nephew Naim. Naim is my brother's Nyah third child. And when there's any anak sedara yang nak adakan majlis seperti ini, this auntie took up the opportunity to tunjuk skill buat cookies and cakes. Here are the two buah tangan that we brought along when we went over to the girl's home (which incidentally is located about 5 minutes away from ours)

Actually these cookies were baked by my daughters Asma and Alia. The usual simple cookies. Nothing unusual. Cumanya I sprinkle chocolates and stacked it up like this. Then to hold it together, I tied it with a pink ribbon. Nice, no?

More cookies

It was a simple butter cake with white icing. Since I just learned to do the roses, I went "berserk" and that's why the whole entire cake are covered with white roses.

Hubby said it was too white and suggested I put touches of pink on the cake (like above) to complement the cookies. But the gambar blur ler pulak...

Here's another angle of the cake.