Monday, June 23, 2008

Fun weekend!

Last Saturday, we attended a wedding at my cousin's place in Ipoh and met so many sedara mara that i have not seen for a longest time.

An, me and Liza..... The sisters are actually my nieces... they are arwah Yeop Lil's daughters. When I was growing up, these girls were my playmates. Since Yeop was one of the closest nephews of my bapak, we often spent school holidays together. Those good old days.

This is my partner in crime masa kat sekolah. My cousin Pilus. Now he is the MB's youngest brother.... hehhehehe.
Tuan rumah greeted my mom. And Asma is standing next to her Opah cam whoring.....
Oh by the way, the real reason we went to Ipoh was to meet up with the latest addition to our family.. Dania. Now my sister Kak is a grandmother.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Kerabu Kacang Panjang

Kerabu....aaah... the Malaysian salad. When I was growing up, kerabu pucuk paku and kerabu tauge are some of the popular ones in my household. Nowadays, there are many more varieties of kerabu. Very progressive.
The other day, I made a kerabu kacang panjang plus ikan bilis. Hmm it tastes as good. You can just eat it by itself.
The best part about making kerabu is that you don't have to follow strict method. So simple... main campak-campak aje....
For this particular kerabu, all you need to is to chop and slice all the ingredients like the kacang panjang, bunga kantan, red chillies and onion. Heat the wok, tumis with garlic and campak the whole stuff into it. Sprinkle some sugar, salt and a dash of fish sauce. Masukkan fried anchovies and perah limau. There.. siap untuk di makan.