Sunday, September 27, 2009

What a Raya!!! Alhamdulillah!!

Salam Hari Raya and Maaf zahir Bartin from us all here in USJ 17.

Phewwwww.... what a Raya! This year, for some reasons, we did not balik kampung at all. So its Raya in USJ this year and although it'll have been better if my mom and MIL can Raya here as planned, we still managed to pull off a fun Raya.
And I've been on cooking marathon since the last day of Ramadan to jamu the tetamu..... (and now on the eve of school day... suddenly I felt exremely exhausted).

Here are some of the dishes that came out of my kitchen this Raya ....

First Raya - My two brothers and their family came over and we had some serious makan-makan session....

Marble cream chesse cake, cup cakes, kek lapis and fruit cake

The First Syawal spread ... consisting of
Nasi minyak, dalca and jelatah
Mee kari..
And the compulsory lemang, ketupa, rendang ayam and also rendang tok

Fourth Day Raya - We decided to go kampung style... (on second day we went to Sg Buloh for raya and on the third day, well, we were doing absolutely nothing)

Acar telur and Kerabu Tauge
Ulam, Sambal belacan and tempoyak kacau
Kari ikan and udang goreng
and Gulai lemak nenas ikan masin

Eighth day - More guests came over and they were served with

kuih-muih Raya and cream cheese carrot cake

Rendang ayam Mak Nor (Mak Nor is my aunt who came over on the fourth day and I sempat tanya her of this recipe.... which incidentally I went a bit overboard with the cili padi heheheh)
and Butter prawns, which I absolutely adore.