Monday, September 29, 2008

Salam AidilFitri.... 2008

Hari Raya is yet again here.... it has been a rather uneventful Ramadan (which is good I suppose) for us here. It is pretty much a quiet Ramadan too as I decided not to sell cookies this year (barang mahal la) and just made cookies for our own and of course for my mother as well as my mother in law.
InsyaAllah, we are driving back later today (alhamdulillah! the man of the house was given one week's Raya leave - something he did not get in last three years at his previous employment). I've just packed a few biskut raya to bring home ... (pix above).

But we did the unthinkable yesterday (Sunday 28.9.2008) - as we went to Jalan TAR to shop for some tudung Raya and other stuff. HUGE MISTAKE!!! It took us almost 2 hours (yeay that's right!) to find a parking spot. We circled the Jalan TAR for god how many times! Finally, my husband swung into Pertama Complex parking space. Then we walked over to Jalan TAR, which was not really that far, actually but the crowd was crazy. Jalan TAR was sooo jam packed with people that we find it difficult to move. Yeah, it's that bad!!! My husband was muttering "what economic slowdown? semua orang banyak duit ni ha!!!". Yes, and we were there too!!!
But the drama began when we were at one of the road side stall selling tudungs and suddenly the skies open up. Naturally, we ran up to the front of Jalan TAR (near Globe) to take shelter. Suddenly Alia turned white and was close to fainting. It was real drama!@!@, I tell you. I was panicking real quick and blaming myself for coming down there in the first place. We sat her down by the shop's pillar and husband rushed off to buy drinks (Alia mmg tak leh puasa pun.. hahahah). Luckily, the fainting spell was not that bad and soon after she's feeling better. And the five of us quickly walked back to the car. Nak balik! Never again. Ever.

Anyway, di hari baik bulan baik ini, kami sekeluarga mengucapkan:

Andai langkah membekas lara
Andai kata merangkai dusta
Andai tingkah menoreh luka
Izinkan saya bersimpuh sila
Menghulurkan tangan di bulan mulia
Memohon ampun meminta maaf
Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

Monday, September 1, 2008

Salam Ramadhan and Kuih Keria

To all,

Selamat Menyambut Ramadan Mubaak. Semoga amalan kita diterima Allah.


Di bulan puasa sebegini teringat pulak masa kecil-kecil duhulu.... kalau berbuka mesti ada kuih-muih memenuhi meja... paling diingati ialah Kuih Keria seperti di atas dan bawah ini... kami panggil kuih gelang... (yang ini pula dimasak beberapa minggu yang lalu.)