Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What a delightful wedding!!

My husband's cousin Yang Khairun (Yone) got married to Azri of Kuala Pilah last weekend. So we went up north to Penang to attend the reception. What a pleasant kenduri kahwin it was!!!! Yone the bride is simply stunning. The hosts and co-hosts (namely Ayah Anjang, Wan, Anom, Nasir, Meor, Rina and Cha) are forever gracious. And Azri is one lucky addition to the family.

On top of that, I must say that the decorations from the pelamin to bunga telur are also top notch - classy, practical and beautiful with a capital B.

For example, take this pelamin at Ayah Anjang's home in Island Glade (there's no pelamin at the reception hall in Tabung Haji, by the way). It's everything that a pelamin should look like - cantik sangat!!!! And I was surprised that this was not the pelamin 'created' by those people that my aunt engaged in the first place. Apparently, they came and erected ... er.. a "not so nice looking" pelamin. It was so dreadful that the bride's sisters Anom and Cha decided to redo the entire pelamin (they rushed out to buy the kain-kain) and put up this new 'masterpiece." Amazing.

But what impressed me the most were the bunga telur or rather the wedding favours at the reception which are really cute little boxes filled with chocolates. What made it so special is that these boxes were hand made by the bride's family. They recycled the many Hari Raya and wedding invitation cards still kept by my aunt, Wan. Just you imagine, banyaknya kad-kad yang dia simpan. Such a clever idea!!!
They managed to save on the boxes so much so they filled it with sweets yang sedap-sedap. Best sangat!
And of course the bunga pahar by Anom is outrageously elegant, as expected, though!!

Selamat Pengantin Baru Yone and Azri!!