Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dining Decorations 101

I love decorating. Once in a while, bila ada close family hold a wedding or celebrate birthday, i will volunteer to decorate the main table. Masa ni la keluar all my ideas and also an opportunity to show off to my dear older sister. Almost always dia mesti jealous punya. Ha, ha, ha.... Anyway here are some samples of my recent kerjatangan. Tak ada lah cantik sangat tapi oklah. Yang penting I did it with a minimal budget, using mostly barang-barang yang dah sedia ada kat rumah.

Limau kasturi as a centrepiece, diselitkan bunga babybreath. Ini masa my niece punya malam nikah last June.
This is the main table. To make it more romantic i taburkan rose petals all over the table.

Pandangan sisi the main table.

This is a tea-spread masa the same niece bertunang last November. It is a buffet spread so i susun all the kuih-muih atas dulang to make it kemas and elegant. To enhance the spread, i put fresh flowers kat atas cup cakes. Nampak macam mat salleh ler...

Ini pulak masa Alia and Asma calebrated their birthday last year. It was an all girls party where they invited their close friends. Pening jugak nak come-up with a pre-teen punya party decoration but Alhamdulillah they seemed to like it. I pasted each guest punya nama kat paper cup. Selain unik dan cantik it minimizes pembaziran paper cup. I used colourful paper wrappers as a table cloth. Lepas itu i lekatkan large beads along the border of the papers to secure it. To finish it of, i selitkan fresh flowers pulak. Definetely a girls's party.

From another angle.


  1. azian,
    you are so creative. you should seriously consider going full gear into this area -- ala ala wedding planner.
    take care, be happy and continue doing what you enjoy doing!

  2. kak ena,
    Thanks, thanks... so happy that you drop by. By the way , dulu we were kak Nora's(your sister in-law) neighbour at USJ3. We were quite close until both of us moved out from there.

  3. Anonymous11:09:00 PM

    nice decorating..keep it up..