Thursday, August 16, 2007

Muffin Durian

Yesss...... I finally baked muffin durians... after so long... its so fulfilling. I would like to think I invented muffin durian a couple years back (coz I've never come across any like these before.... of course I stand to be corrected. But until then, I'll dream on).
If you have a left-over durian why not give it a try. You'll get a moist muffin if you stuff with a durian filling.
Taste-wise, depending on much you put in the filling, it's simply delicious. And if you are "hantu" durian like me, you'll fill it as much as possible with durian.

To bake this durian muffin, it's rather easy, just like any other muffin but of course please don't simply stuff raw durian into it, no matter how sweet the fruit is.

Below is the recipe for a filling:
Durians - mesh it.
Corn flour
Custard powder
Brown sugar
Pinch of salt

Fresh milk

(My apology, I don't usually follow exact measurement with this recipe. So let your taste bud take control and simply add in all the above ingredient as you like it.)

Put in all the ingredients in a pan and stir it on continuously on a stove until cooked. (make sure its a bit "pekat"). Once it's ready just follow the usual steps in making a muffin. You know, instead of the blueberry jam, stuff it with the durian filling. Then bake it.
To be honest, more often than not, I don't usually make the muffin from scratch. I used Aunty Anne's (original) mix muffin, I cheated a bit. Well, it's o.k ... take a short cut once a while.
I like using Aunty Anne's as the muffin texture comes out really nice. I like it. Those who have tasted my durian muffin love it too.

Overall, the durian filling itself makes this muffin special. I'm pleased with this creation of mine. Clap clap clap.

So go ahead, give it a try..


  1. hmmm...muffins durian ek...seen some header like this in photopages site if i was not mistaken but just flipped through as i do not eat durian unless it become tempoyak and jadi sambal tempoyak yg campur so many daun2 tu....but this is interesting...

  2. zai,
    oh my, there are other similar recipes out there heeee.. Anyway, do try this one. You might like it.

  3. Anonymous4:53:00 PM

    Kak Azian,
    Td dok surfing terserempak blog akak. Nampak sedaplar durian muffin ni. Nak cubalar bila balik rumah hujung minggu nih. Nak tunjuk skill kat mak. Terima Kasih

    Noriah (UPM)

  4. Noriah,
    terima kasih, dah cuba ker? menjadi ker?