Monday, August 27, 2007

Asma turns 12

Asma (centre) with her courts

This entry is a bit late. Been busy. What with the tetamu yang berziarah one after another. Maklumlah cuti sekolah. Alhamdulillah, rezeki.

Anyway last Friday (Aug 24), my second daughter Asma turned 12. My daughter yang paling rajin ke dapur. Yang paling banyak persoalan. And like her other two sisters, paling menyenangkan.

We didn't do anything except we brought her for makan2 at her favourite eating place - the TGIF.

The next night, of course I have to bake a chocolate cake for her. And we had home made pizza as well. She's busy too .... her UPSR's coming.

Anyway, Happy Birthday my sayang Mak!


  1. si questionaire bergerak.. ehehe.. dah besor dah..

  2. better late than never...happy belated birthday to Asma...ramai august kids ek?

    have a good day...

  3. Thanks Nisah and Zai. Asma said thank you too.