Friday, August 10, 2007

Alia's 13th Birthday Cake Round 1

Today is Alia' 13th birthday. Dulu masa dia kecik-kecik selalu teringat bila dah besar nanti macamana ye... segala macam benda yang nak di risaukan. Dari kecik sampailah besar, and as a mother( normal lah tu) dari benda yang sebesar zarah sampailah yang besar-besar semuanya risau but things will go as good as it flow, as long we work for it. Alhamdulillah., I'm proud of her

As in previous years, birthdays in my family are celebrated among ourselves. The dish are usually simple tapi yang penting ada kek. Macam birthday Alia yang ini, I baked this cherry up-side down cake. However, this time around instead of tiup lilin, Alia potong riben dekat kek, macam orang launching event. Actually that idea came about because there are no candles around. Desperate measure call for creative solution.

Some of you may wonder why the title of this entry states Round 1. It just that, every August we celebrate birthday Asma as well. That would be cake round 2. On top of that we usually organise a all-in-one birthday party where we invite Alia's and Asma's girlfriends. That's another cake. Round 3.


  1. Anonymous11:39:00 PM

    no beautiful words 4 ur daughter??
    neway..,jz a great decorating those lamps..keep it up..
    haha..dont no whut to say lolz..
    but i must be 20++ words rite??
    hehe..jgn mare komen cmni..


  2. Happy belated bday to your daughter, my oldest son pun bday dia in August...byk nyer sambutan bday your kids, mesti dia org seronok..

  3. Zai,
    Thanks. Alia also said thanks. Your son's birthday berapa haribulan. Planning to bake him a cake ker?
    And how's the jumble sale last weekend? Sorry tak sempat datang - ada tetamu came over pulak

  4. my son's bday is this coming friday 17th, and yep i am planning to bake him a cake but not quite sure what cake he wants...he changes his mind like he changes he clothes...ha ha ha the sale was sadly lack of respond from the public and i ended up selling my goods here in Seremban, a few kenduris here last weekend