Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Kitchen Moments with your Kids

Since dah lama tak berblog, maka tercetuslah idea to post entry on kid’s recipe. I hope such entries will help you to go through the school holidays in a more enjoyable manner where you and your kids will have a fun time in a kitchen. Just like what I’m hoping for with the girls and I here.
To kick off such entry, the girls and I decided to bake a cake. A simple one. It has been decided that we will have a kitchen moment together once a week until the end of school holiday. My girls, chef Alia, chef Asma and chef Arissa will be responsible in gathering all the ingredients, cracking eggs, pouring flour, stirring, mixing etc. The Mak will only supervise -- I am enjoying this.
I hope with this experience, we will help them become independent in the kitchen, as well as an opportunity for them to learn how to follow instructions, basic math skills, nutrion and cleaning up.
It will be fun!…………or a disaster? So for the first session, we made this....


1 packet of biskut marie.

11/2 cups of water.

1/2 cup sugar.

1/2 cup milo.

2tbsp susu pekat.

2tbsp butter.

1tbsp cocoa powder.

1 egg.


Whisk egg in a small bowl

Pour in a pan together with water, sugar, milo, milk, butter and cocoa powder.

Put it in a slow fire-stir

After 5 minutes add 'biskut marie' and stir it very gently.

Cook until the biscuits is soft.

Transfer it to the baking pan and what do you know... it's ready.......and ready to eat. Yes, cake yang tak perlu dibakar.

Don't forget to pelawa your parents and sibling to eat together.

One slice...one bite
Finally, we named it 'Crazy Marie'....


#Begin your child's kitchen adventure with...wooden spoons, plastic or metal mixing bowls, wire whisk, plastic or aluminium measuring cups, and a child sized apron.

# Safety first- Keep young children away from a hot stove, oven, sharp knives dan apa-apa bahan yang sewaktu dengannya.

# Allow even the youngest chef to pour the ingredients into a bowl; flour, sugar, eggs etc. #Remember to turn the mixer off first

#.Cracking eggs can be a challenge for little chefs. Allow them to practice a bit by cracking the eggs into a separate bowl at first. Then you can remove any shells before adding the eggs to remaining ingredients.

#But most important rules:Mak mesti ada with their kids. Jangan tidur atau pergi shopping


  1. Thanks, Azian.

    Hmmmm...this I can definitely do with my kids because it doesn't require baking.

    I don't have a conventional oven at home. I do however have quite a sophisticated microwave (which I bought dengan semangat yang tinggi to fully utilise it!) but, setakat ini, the only functions I know are "defrost" and "reheat"!!! Pathetic, eh? Must make a point to go through the manual one of these days...(if I can find it, that is!) :)

  2. Salam Azian

    Blghopped from Mr.Idham's blog

    I read your last entry about you're not well and your daughter's birthday. How are you now? Hope better. And belated birthday wishes to your daughter Arissa. Semoga selamat and berkat hendaknya.

    Anyway, it's a nice idea cooking with kids. My 2 daughters especially yang tua le sibuk nak tolong kat dapur kalau I buat something. Always asking is there anything I want her to help with. Yang no.2 tu nyibuk je le coz kakak dia sibuk

    You got lovely girls there...I hope mine will turn out as lovely

  3. Shana,
    This recipe also meant to sesiapa yang belum lagi ada conventional oven. Itula sebab namaya crazy marie.Lebih kurang bancuh milo panas dan celup biskut marie. Try it..i'm sure your kids will go crazy enjoying it.

  4. Salam Perkenalan k.d.Thank you for visiting my blog.I'm o.k now ..Alhamdulillah.
    Selalu-selalula datang melawat lagi ye. Say hi! to ur girls.

  5. hi Azian,

    Good to hear that you are ok now....hmmm kids in the kitchen ek... so far i have 3 males chef in the house, the father, my first 2 boys...the father is quite comfortable in the kitchen and his specialties are beef pie and yogurt chicken, the 2 boys have mastered pizza roti in microwave, their own version of burgers, french toast and a few others...but the 5th tips must always be adhered to he he he...i might try this 'Crazy Marie' with my youngest boy soon....alamak forgot that my kitchen will be out of bound for abt a month from this Monday......

  6. azian...thanks for the tips! with 4 girls yang kengkadang rajin nak menolong kat dapor, i do need the reminder!

  7. sedap tu...

    memang seronok kalau tinggal supervise aje...

  8. Zai,
    I hope your kids boleh buat crazy marie ni..nanti bolehle kita berbesan ye...hi, hi.Btw, dapur you renovate ke?

  9. mumsie,
    bebudak ni kadang-kadang lebih sudu dari kuah...mula-mula nak menolong pastu entah jadik apa-apa la. Macam mak i cakap..kalau mandi dengan bebudak ,air keruh dulu,
    kalau buat kerja dengan bebudak, dia orang blah dulu...mak i cakap la....hi,hi

  10. Mak Lang,
    Thanks for visiting,
    Memang la..kalau hari-hari supervise lagi bagus.

  11. ur blog yummy!!!

    tak tahan rasa nk makan PC nih.. hihihi

  12. hi azian..i think i should do d same wif my dotter..aiseh, she just know how to makan only..hehe.
    btw, u'r still in subang k? eh..dekat la tu..lalu s.alam..dtg umah jun..hehhe

  13. aku bukan bidadari,
    Wellcome to me bloggie....Dah baca ur blog, kelakar. I like...

    O.... Kat Shah Alam ker...lebih kurang berjiran le kita ye.

  14. just read your other half posting and tahniah....hope many more

    long story abt my kitchen tuh he he....nanti bole citer