Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kitchen Moment 2: Banana Split

School holiday. Been busy. Plans to have a regular Kitchen Moment session with the girls do not happen as often as I want it to be. Anyway, this weekend, my Mak, sister and her kids came over (ada kenduri kahwin in Serendah and they decided to drop by). Since the nieces are also here, decided to rope in all of them for Kitchen Moment session - this time its Banana Split. Havoc... it's not easy managing so many "kepala" who are more interested to eat rather than learning how to make classy Banana Split. And most of them prefer the banana split without the banana. Kacau betul. Makanya the end result did not turn out as expected.

The Recipe:
This is extremely easy. Tutup mata also can do.
First, you go out and buy the ice cream - chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavours.
Then do not forget to buy banana.
Once you are back in the kitchen, slice the banana into two.
Put in a plate and sprinkle the brown sugar on top. Heat it in a microwave for two minutes.
Then let it cool before putting the banana in an oval shaped bowl. Then scoop the three flavoured ice cream on top. Sprinkle chocolate rice or chocolate cream. If you are "rajin" pipe whipped cream on top and finish it with a cherry. Macam kat A&W tu. Then you eat.


  1. Wah, Kak Azian... Sedopnya banana split ice-cream... Kebetulan, both my girls baru had banana split ice-cream for dessert tonight... Hehe!!

  2. amboi banana kids sure suka ni, jun tgh plan nk wat fried ice kids r away this week so, i'm r soo free this week, masak cincai aje la, hehe...
    pas ni projek masak2 ape plak ye?

  3. salam

    email pB

  4. Azian belated happy anniversary and that tiramisu cake looks so yummylicious......

  5. Caths,
    Lepas ni boleh buat banana split stail ni pulak ye..

  6. Jun,
    Kat rumah ni bukan setakat anak-anak yang suka , mak bapak nya lagi suka.
    Smalam e-mail kena tendang la..Jap lg nak e-mail balik.

  7. Kak Elle,
    Terima Kasih..... Jemput datang lagi kat blog saya ye..i add kak elle kat blog ye..

  8. everytime we ate banana splits i ended up finishing the banana ha ha ha....

    bila la kita nak gi minum kopi nih...