Thursday, November 8, 2007

Happy 11th Birthday, Arissa!

My youngest turns 11 today. It's already a family tradition that for birthdays, we would go out for makan-makan and then organise a cake cutting ceremony (hah! very formal one) at home afterwards. And normally, as the case with Alia's and Asma's birthdays last August, I would cook something (usually a favourite of the birthday girl or boy) to go along with the cake cutting event. Unfortunately, it was not to be this year for Arissa. I mean I didn't cook for her. I fell sick. Really sick. In fact I'm quite sick now and I've asked the Bapak to help me upload the photos. And for him to spell check this entry as well. (Lots of spelling mistakes lah, fening fening!)

This is Arissa. The Birthday Girl. We went to Secret Recipe at Subang Parade. Because she wanted pasta. And Arissa, Alia and Bapak ordered Spaghetti Meatball. Asma and I were having Black Pepper Chicken.
Arissa and her Bapak. Peace to you my darling!

Back home, Arissa was esctatic with her Birthday gifts from Bapak, me, her kakaks and Opah Temoh. er, by the way that Famous Amos hamper on the right was mine, a gift from my hubby. This year, whenever our girls celebrated birthdays, he would gave me something too. Said that I should be getting something too as I played a vital role in delivering our babies. How sweet, dont you all think so?

I managed to bake a chocolate cake for Arissa this morning. It doesn't look that good as I' still shivering from sickness. But Bapak said it tastes good! Alhamdulillah.

Arissa and her Kakaks - Asma and Alia.

The girls bukak hadiah, lupa lak nak makan.

As I'm too sick to even lift a finger, and Bapak is busy ambik gambar, my girls set the table for our birthday dinner at home. Thanks , sayang!

Lauk-pauk dinner Birthday Arissa. We ordered two large Domino's Pizza and chicken wings. And then my neighbour Sabrina sent this wonderful Mee Bandung and fried chicken over. Rezeki. She and her husband Jefry had a Raya Open House by the pool earlier on. We went over after coming back from Subang Parade... sedap2 makanan - apart from mee bandung, she had the usual lemang, nasi himpit plus rendang and Nasi Ayam. Then of course segala kuih-muih. Sedap.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Arissa! Didoakan semoga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezqi, and showered with joy and happiness in life, insya Allah. Amin.

    Wow! Tengah sakit pun you could come up with the yummylicious cake?! (TOOOOOIIIINNNGGGG!!! That was one tabik spring from me. Hehehe!)

    And yes, that was really sweet of Mior :D

    Get well soon, dear.

  2. kak yan..kesian.. get well soon..

    Abg a kan well known to be the most romantic one in the family.. sweetnye..

  3. Arissa, Happy Belated Birthday...and for the mum, sorry to hear that you were sick...hope you are feeling much better now...

  4. Happy Birthday Arissa.... Sedapnya makan2... Kek cokelat tu mintak cikit, leh??? Hehe.

  5. happy birthday arissa.....

    dah besar ur babygirl...
    demam2 pun boleh bake cake....
    seddap nmpk...

    how sweet of ur hubby...sethn byk kali la u dpt best...

    get well soon...

  6. happy birthday arissa and get well soon azian! Am sooooo jealous you have the husband that you do...kalau lah hubby i cam tu..siggghhhhh

  7. sporting hubby eh! very nice...nway, happy belated birthday to ur doter...n take care to u too..get well soon!

  8. Hi to my dear friends!
    Anom,Zai, Shana, Cath, Mumsie, drno and Jun.
    I'm 80% o.k now..masih fening-fening lg..thanks sb doakan saya. Saya akan sambung memblog ASAP.
    ok..thanks again

  9. Salam Azian ...

    Cam ner dah fully recover ker???

    Happy belated besday untuk Arisa ..

    Anak pB yang no 3 , 18hb ni ari jadi dia yang ke 9 ...

    pB makin lama makin tuo ler ....

  10. happy belated birthday to arisa...bestnya celebrate birthday satu family ya...dapat hadiah banyak lak tuh...hadiah besdey paling best pernah saya dapat ialah basikal dari abah waktu saya tingkatan 1....azian lak?

  11. pB,
    Dah o.k,Alhamdulillah...Nak buat birthday party ke?
    Btw, takut nanti terlambat... ucapkan' Selamat Harijadi' kat anak you pada 18hb nanti ye...

  12. Hani,
    Hi....Apa khabar? Biasa ler bebudak..hadiah yang penting. Dalam family saya, memang tak ada tradisi bagi-bagi hadiah masa birthday..cuma wish jer.Mungkin masa tu x budget.Tapi among kekawan adalah..seingat saya hadiah yg Doreen(my best friend) bg masa form 1 tu yg touching..frame+gambar(still simpan).