Monday, October 29, 2007

Daging Masak Hitam

Daging Masak Hitam is a common dish among Malaysians especially during Raya. Still in a mode of Raya ehh..why not you try this for your Raya open house. This particular recipe is rather easy. For one, you don't have to go through all the trouble of having to marinate the beef with various spices and what not. I assure you that the end result is delicious nevertheless. All you need to do is to follow and exercise the correct technique.

I learned this recipe from my sister's MIL many many years ago when I was still single. In fact, my hubby loves this dish very much. I believed that I cooked this dish when we first got married and he keeps on asking me to cook it over and over again.

Ingredient A:

1kg of beef
500 gram chilli paste(cili boh)
1/2 bottle ofsoy sauce(kicap)
2 tbsp of thick soy sauce( kicap pekat)
5-6 cloves of red onions(bawang besar)-sliced
2tbsp of fried onion-blend
1 cup of tamarind juice
4-5 tbsp sugar
Salt to taste
1 cup of oil

lngredient B:

4 cloves of shallots-sliced
3 cloves of garlic-sliced
2 cinnamon
2 star anise

Cook beef chunk in water until it tender and cut into slices.
Heat oil in a wok and fry the red onion until the onion turn brown-set aside.
Reheat wok and fry ingredient B until fragrant.
Add the chilli paste and cooked it until the colour change.
Add sugar and stir for another 5 minutes.
Pour in both soy sauce and tamarind juice.
Stri occasionally so that the mixture does not stick to the wok.
Put in the beef and cooked it until the red oily layer comes out.
Add in the fried onion and continue stir.
Put in salt to taste and cook it until beef in tender and the gravy is thick.
Finally put in the blended fried onion.

Tips and trick:
# Only use chilli paste( chilly boh) that you buy directly from the shop. Refrain from using homemade blended dried chilli bacause as it will affect the taste and the look.
#Be generous with the oil as it will make the red oily layer come out nicely.
#Make sure that you fried the onion thoroughly as it will bring out the aroma of the dish.
#For the blended fried onion that you add in towards the end of the cooking, use the one that you can buy from the shop. The more you add in , more thicker the gravy will be. You can use this technique whenever you cook any other dishes.
#You may sprinkle the raisin on top of the dish.


  1. Anonymous9:59:00 AM

    salam Kak Azian,
    This recipe is quite similar dengan recipe that my grandmother did. She's from Batu Gajah, not far from Ipoh. Perhaps not far from kampung Kak Azian too. And I love it too.

    Elina (KJ)

  2. Hi Elina,
    Thank You for visiting my blog.Happy to note that orang Batu Gajah also came by here. Btw, where exactly in Batu Gajah your grandmother is? Kak Azian selalu jugak pergi sana.

  3. Kak Azian,
    Sedapnya daging masak hitam ni... Resipe orang Perak ke?

  4. sedap nyer ...

    makan dengan nasi panas panas ...

    huh berangkat ......

  5. sound easy enough but 500gms chili boh sounded too much for 1kg beef, dont u think so??...let me noe as i want to try this next week for my son's bday ....

  6. Cath,
    Tak tau la Cath, tapi daging ni popular once Chef Wan masak daging ni kat T.V long-long time ago, heboh orang.....selalu masak malay dish ke?

  7. PB,
    Memang terangkat dan berangkat. Lagi lama simpan lagi sedap. Tapi tak boleh masak selalu ...asyik nak makan aje...aduh..berat badanku pun dah terangkat.

  8. Zai,
    Yes.. 5oogram, kalau nak kurangkan pun boleh lah taruh 350g.Itu sebabnya i guna cili boh( tak pedas)and colour merahnya jadi cantik.
    Zai, Guna minyak banyak sikit, bila cili dah garing dan tukar warna baru masuk gula ,lepas tu baru kicap( jangan masuk air dulu).
    Lagi satu, lagi banyak goreng bawang lagi sedap( yg first step tu).
    Selamat Mencuba!

  9. I say, Azian...

    One more recipe?!!!

    I dah berhutang myself to try and cook 2 of your recipes so far - the Egg Pudding AND the Mee Kari. Now tambah hutang satu lagi - Daging Masak Hitam pulak.

    I really hope I'll get a Bibik soon to help me in the kitchen.If not, memang tak merasa lah nak masak your yummy dishes ni...

    Tak menang tangan kat rumah!

    Take care :)

  10. Wouw, it looks so delicious. Nice recipe!

  11. Shana,
    Harap you dapat maid secepat mungkin,sebab banyak resipi lagi i nak bagi.....hi, hi

  12. retno,
    Terima Kasih kerna mampir(is this correct?ke blog saya. Sya seronok sekali dan berbesar hati kerna ada sahabat dari seberang sudi datang ke blog saya. Thanks

  13. my all time favourite ni.
    sedap sgt2. tp in my 'kampung', there's this makchik jual rempah masak hitam ni. kita marinate daging dgn the rempah, kicap, n benda2 blended.
    then tumis byk bawang.
    very2 the sedap...
    rasa nk makan la pulak...

  14. azian...macam you tau-tau pulak my favourite!! my mom pun pandai masak ni tapi she buat long winded way..e.g she tumbuk sendiri cili kering...memanglah dia punya sedap dan famous sampai ke geneva ni!

    but am going to definitely try your looks "user friendly" jer!