Thursday, October 4, 2007


I am rather passionate about this particular egg pudding. If you want a fast and delicious dessert, I suggest you should try this recipe. I’ve had various egg pudding or pudding caramel recipes but this recipe is so much simple. And did I say delicious too?
Apparently, this particular egg pudding has been the staple dessert in my hubby’s family. I’ve first tasted it when we went over to his aunt’s place in Ipoh. The delightful Wan Chu (or simply Chu as we affectionately call her) made this one day (loooong time ago when we first got married) and I just love it. Of course I asked for the recipe. And I have been using this recipe ever since.
But a word of caution, you’ve got to be very careful and follow the instructions to the T when making this pudding or otherwise the result would not be as tasty.

For the Custard
10 eggs
A tin ( a small ones) of condensed milk
2 ½ tin (using the same condensed milk tin) of cool water (refrigerated water)

For the caramel
350g palm sugar
1 cup of water
1 strand of pandan leaf

To make the custard, whisk the egg for 2 minutes. Add all the milk and the cool water. Whisk further. Then strain the mixture into a bowl. Leave it aside.
To make the caramel, place the palm sugar, water and pandan leaf in a pan and stir gently over low heat until sugar dissolve. Then strain the sugar mixture. Leave it aside.Then you ready the steamer over low heat fire and arrange the small bowls in it. Pour the caramel into these cups – about 1/3 of the cup - gently. Then pour in the custard on top, also very slowly. (Don’t worry if the two mixtures seem to be mixed as it will separate itself later). Steam over for 8 to 10 minutes until you can see small holes on the custards.

Then you makan.
You can serve the pudding this way...

... or like this.


  1. Excellent! The Vietnamese also have very similar version of this dessert (steaming the custard!). I love love it!

  2. Hmmm...I think I will try making this first this weekend, rather than the Badak Berendam. Somehow this looks relatively easier to make (I hope!!!)

    Wish me luck. I'm just hopeless when it comes to making desserts...

    P/S : Do you mind if I link your blog from mine, please? Thanks :D

  3. anh,
    Really!Is this any different from vietnamese version?I would like to try it.

    Yeah...wish u good luck,but it is so easy and I'm sure you won't find it a chore.
    I also link ur blog, ya?

  4. kak yan.. sedapnya nampak.. lama tak makan dessert chu ni.. okla..nanti boleh try la macam ni.. thanks for posting the recipe..

  5. adoi la Azian, 10 eggs ek...i would enjoy this dessert but dont think my boys would...lagi2 dgn egg sebanyak tuh...last time i made egg tarts, bengkak jer hati, they didnt even bother to look at it ha ha ha...

    so ni kalau i sampai Subang, maybe bole rasa la kot he he

  6. Anom,
    Memang semua in a family crazy about this pudding kan!Especially yang ada diabetic segala kan..

    No problem! Bila u nak datang Subang bagi tau i yer...