Sunday, October 21, 2007

Makan-makan Hari Raya

Lamanya tak jumpa... buzy with Hari Raya..what else! and I've not been feeling good i was down with a gastric problem. That sort of dampen my raya a bit. However, to know more how I enjoy my raya , you can go to my husband's blog.

I have been meaning to write about the food during raya, but was too busy enjoying it and totally forgotten to take any photos of the food. Here are a few photos that my husband managed to salvage.

This year, my family and I celebrated raya at my sister's place in Kampar, Perak. All my siblings and their families came down too. I enjoyed it sangat-sangat. Everybody were there except for Azham(my niece Faizah's husband who is currently doing his Phd. in Japan), Zaki(Faizah's brother who for some strange reason shy away from joining gathering macam ni - very the anti social), Naim( my nephew who has gone back to U.K last Ramadan to study) and newly weds Farhana and hubby Hasri (they balik kampung Hasri for the first two days of Raya).

My sister (kak) really cooked up a storm this raya, literally..Me? I tolong sikit-sikit jer..almaklumler rumah orang kan. On the first day she cooked Nasi Jagung, Daging Kerutup, Dalca, Rendang Pedas Ayam(ayam pencen pulak tu..), and Nasi impit. She ordered a kuah kacang yang out of this world punya sedap. Kak Zai (my SIL) brought Nasi impit, Lontong, Kuah Kacang and Ayam Goreng while Yong brought Ketupat Palas with rendang (tahun ni Yong tak buat Rendang Tok la..).

Over the next three days , Kak also cooked Mee Goreng, Meehoon Goreng, Nasi Goreng, Mee-Sup and Nasi Putih with lauk-pauk segala ...memang a lot of food...berpadanan ler dengan ramai nya tetamu yang datang.

On the third day of raya, we were all so tired with all the rendangs and lemangs, so we decided to grill burgers and sausages. Here's Hasri and Ana..rajin nampak....

This is Kelamai. A traditional kueh said to only be available in Gopeng, Perak. I bought it for Rm20. It tasted like a cross between dodol and bingka ubi. It was cooked in a bamboo just like lemang but the bamboo is white in colour. Don't ask me how is that so..


The men in my family. My hubby is standing second from right with all the other nephews (he thinks he look young here.....yeah.right)

The Ladies pulak...unfortunately I look the biggest.Oh tidak!
Nurul, Alia and Asma - our three beautiful princess
My mom with her grandaughters at my Arwah Bapak's grave.


  1. Salams Azian,

    Welcome back! :D Glad you're feeling much better.

    I've been checking your blog regularly waiting for your raya updates, which led me to click on Mior's blog which provided the A to Z of your Raya celebration. Meriah sungguh!

    I'm particularly impressed with your mee kari express which you whipped up at the eleventh hour to jamu 60 people. Waduh! If it was me - lama dah pengsan...Hehehe!

    Take care ;)

  2. Salam Azian ...

    Syukur kerna sambutan raya tahun ni meriah ....

    Teringin nak jadi macam Azian yang rajin dan pandai memasak nie ...

  3. Raya i tahun ni tak ler berapa meriah coz terasa sgt rindu kat my dad yg passed away in April...

  4. Wanshana,
    Mee-kari express! Pandai Mior bagi nama yer....tak ada apenyer..biasa jer..kalau nak resipinya i boleh masukkan kat my next entry.nak? taknak?

  5. pb,
    Terima Kasih sebab sudi jenguk blog saya. Selalu-selalu ler menjengok yer. I link u , yer....

    Manakan sama sambutan hari raya tanpa orang tersayang kan..
    Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya to u and family

  6. Azian,

    SET!!! Mula-mula bagi resipi, next time kena give the actual dish lah ye?! ;)

  7. Kak Azian orang Perak ya... Cath pun orang Perak juga... Tapah, tak jauh sangat from Kampar... Rumah atok Cath kat Kampar... Ramai saudara dok kat Kampar. Next time boleh kita buat gathering kat Perak ya Kak Azian... HEHEHE.

  8. Hi,
    Small World ye.. Kampar tu kat mana? Kak Azian Buat Form Six pun kat Tapah...ur parent still ada kat Tapah ke? Btw, Thanks A Lot for visiting my blog and your daughters cutenya....geram

  9. Kak Azian,
    Form Six kat Tapah? Buyong Adil ke? Tahun ke-berapa??? Ini mesti sama batch dengan kakak Cath.. Maybe. Yes, my parent still live in Tapah... Hehe.

  10. Ya.. Buyong Adil tahun 1987-1988. Memang dah lost contact dgn kawan-kawan kat Tapah, hopefully dapat la jumpa balik ..kan.But for sure none of my old friends will recognise me bcoz i have grown every way...hi..hi. Salah kan siapa yek?

  11. Kak Azian,
    1988 - Cath in Form Five in Buyong Adil.. Entah2 kita kenal Kak Azian... HEHEHE.

  12. Kak Azian Form Six kelas kat atas bukit tu..jarang pergi kantin..tapi kita mesti assembly sama kan!

  13. hi azian..
    how come i neva heard bout this kue when i was in ipoh last, only in gopeng ya? ni..all time ade or raya time aje ye?