Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My August Girls!

In our household, birthdays are huge. Although, we no longer hold big parties to celebrate birthdays (like we used to when the girls were smaller), it is something that all of us still look forward to in all our eagerness. Even when nowadays, birthdays are celebrated just among ourselves!
And August is particularly special as my two eldest daughters celebrated theirs this month. Alia turned 15 on the 10th while Asma turned 14 on the 24th. However, as this August is also a month of Ramadan (plus the recession, H1N1 and Alia's looming PMR), we decided to tone down our celebrations.
We went to New York, New York Deli in One Utama (their choice not ours) to have a combined birthday lunch earlier this month. On the day of the birthdays, it was just a cake and a simple dish at home. But really, it was still fun!

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  1. Blessed Ramadan and Happy Birthdays! From someone else whose daughter was born in August!