Thursday, January 29, 2009

Old Table New Look!

The above is my husband's old study table. If my calculation is correct, the table is already 30 years old. Apparently my husband and his two brothers each own similar table back home at my MIL's place. I've always been impressed by its hard-wearing finishing.
Last weekend, when my husband went balik kampung to send his mother, I've asked him if it's alright for him to bring back his table. I'm so eager to embark on a DIY project, dah lama tak buat anything, anyway.
Despite my husband's grumbling as the table, although small, is quite heavy (and he has to haul it all by himself), the sturdy table successfully made its way to USJ17 that day.
After a quick trip to Ace Superstore to buy the necessary, the girls and I went to work. Our aim was to transform the table to become a new worktable in our living room.
We started off by sand paper the wood and removed the table top made of formica. Can you imagine that? Yes, the top was covered with formica! Very 60s. Then we painted it all white.
As expected Asma stayed on to help till the end, while Alia and Arissa dissapeared mid-way. And oh yes, the husband was never in the picture. He was surfing the Net dengan selambanya while the ladies of his life were covered with paint.
But I like the end result. Simple yet elegant.


  1. Salam... very elegant indeed!! hats off to the ladies!! now we know who wears the pants around the house :-)

  2. hmmm,dah kasi makeup balik,nampak mahal pulak...any comment from yr abang?

  3. mak yan!
    anak beranak update blog yg same!
    arissa n che'a jek blom~

  4. Azian,

    Cool! It's very simple and yet very elegant.

    Maybe, you can start a business on this 'salvaging old furniture and giving it a new breath of life' thingy.

    With your artistic touch, I'm sure, it's very possible to become a hit especially among your readers here.

    Besides old tables, you can also work on chairs, frames, wooden boxes, etc. :)

  5. myheartbleeds,
    Thank you thank you... yes kat sini ada tuan besar..

  6. Kak Ezza,
    Thanks kak sudi dtg tinggal jejak kat sini. Suami saya mula2 mcm tak de pendapat jer mula2 (dia takut I suruh tolong cat kot), tapi bila dah siap, dia paling suka sekali.

  7. Nurul,
    Itu tanda family yang bersatu hati, berkasih-kasihan walaupun ada sorang tu tak nak tolong langsung (tak usah mention nama la ya). Dah tak tolong cat mcm mana nak buat blog kan?

  8. Wanshana,
    It's just a hobby. I mmg tak leh tengok satu barang tu lama2 mesti nak repair ker embellish ker. But thanks for the vote of confidence though.

  9. cantik.. cantik.. bleh tolong cat meja org plak~

  10. Nisah,
    Pengkeras nak bagi berapa?

  11. very elegant indeed, with a personal touch.
    I used to own this table looong time ago.

  12. fuiyyooo...bab ni mmg kena respek dgn kak yan! mmg cun punya make over! bagi tau kat a'a tak sia-sia dia guna kudrat angkut meja bersejarah tu. kak yan ni ada midas touch :)

    * boleh turunkan ilmu sikit? :D