Sunday, August 10, 2008

Birthday Alia

I always wanted to organise a small sit-down lunch/dinner do. A western style (must be due to numerous AFC channel shows).
I've got a chance to showcase my desire today when Alia invited her friends over for her birthday. She is 14 today. Happy Birthday Alia, semoga menjadi muslimah sejati.........
Since the lunch for teenage girls, I decided to incorporate youthful theme. So I used a lot of colours and flowers. No, I did not splurge but I utilised whatever yang ada kat rumah.

For table mats I cut off gift wrapping papers into two and it looks nice, kan. I simply bought a hair band (pengikat rambut from Mydin, murah aje 90 sen each) and tie it with the napkins. And the girls got to keep the hairband. And for sitting arrangement, I simply printed out their names on a manilla cards and cut it, punched a hole on it and tied a ribbon. They can keep that be used as bookmark.
The table setting from a wider angle.
As there were nine person in the party, we have to set up a smaller table by the side.
The lunch started off with a bun and butter + a chicken mushroom soup.
Followed by the main course. A fusion of spaghetti bolognese and roasted chicken.
A cake cutting session. Alia requested for a tiramisu cake which I baked a day earlier. Her friends seems to like it soooo much.
Birthday girl, my Alia.


  1. Wah Kak Azian,
    Cantik table setting tu... Oh, kek tiramisu pun nampak sedap... Ni birthday Alia yang ke berapa, Kak Azian..??

  2. Cath,
    Terima Kasih. Birthday Alia yang ke-14.

  3. i nih tak reti nak berseni like you, the boy party next Sunday will be a BBQ, squating pun bole kalau nak he he

  4. Happy 14th Birthday, Alia :)

    Wishing you all the best in life, insya Allah.

    You should give your Mak a big hug and a big kiss!


    Ni sure selalu tengok Martha Stewart nih...Hehehe!

    That was one very special birthday do you gave Alia. I'm sure her friends were so impressed with everything. Not everyday that they could have a proper sitting down birthday lunch served like that - with love and care!

    Everything looks so yummy.

    The satisfaction felt after the party must have been a pretty "feel-good" feeling, kan?

  5. Happy belated birthday to Alia..iskk, azian..mcm kat class tuuu

  6. Zai,
    Asalkan tuan punya birthday tu happy...sudahlah..that't the whole idea kan!
    Thanks.Alia memang happy sesangat.


  7. hai kak,salam perkenalan... i am one of your silent reader. suka betul lah nengok small makan2 and birthday for Alia and her friends, one day when my boy grown up, insyallah i would like to host that kind of party gak....syok nya nengok the are so talented.. by the way i love to watch AFC too.

    to alia, happy 14th birthday!!!

  8. Azian

    I always wished that I could bake birthday cakes for my children, tapi sampai la ni tak buat2. Rata nya icing kat cake tu..jealous I tengok.

    AFC is one of my favourite channels too...especially 'Sugar'. My likings has always leaned towards desert, tak tau kenapa. Lauk pauk tak berapa pulak...

    And b4 I forget - happy belated birthday to your beautiful Alia.

  9. Ila,
    Terima kasih kerana sudi bertandang. Maaf kerana lambat membalas kerana saya lepak kat kampung cuti ni.
    Btw, Alia cakap 'thank you' for the wishes.

  10. Waterlily,
    Thanks. 'Sugar'is one of my favourite channel too tapi dia buat macam senang aje kan...campak-campak dah jadi, tak keluar peluh pun.

  11. What a lovely party..... Looks like the girls had a wonderful luncheon to celebrate .
    Happy Belated Birthday from Canada.