Friday, April 4, 2008

Stuffed baked potato

During this rainy season, I have just the right menu for everybody. This is a baked potato stuff with a delicious sambal meat . It is soooo easy to do and it taste good too. I don't really follow a specific recipe for this dish as it is too simple to make.

Any potato can be baked, but for the perfect baked potato with the desired flaky texture, it is recommended that mature, baking-type potatoes such as the Russet be used. Make sure that the skin has a nice even brown tone without a greenish cast.
To make the cooking easier, boiled the potatoes half cook. Drain . You make a hole in the centre of the potato and stuff it with a sambal meat. Wrap it with an aluminium foil. Bake it in the oven.

NOTE: Wrapping the potato in aluminum foil will produce a soft skin, too, but technically this is steaming rather than baking (as the moisture in the potato remains trapped) and the light, flaky texture will be missing.
To make the sambal, all you need to do is to fry garlic, add minced meat with a tomoto puree. Stir until the meat turn colour then add in thymes leaves. Lastly fold in with the mayonaise.


  1. hurm.. dh kenyang pon boleh jadi lapar balik tgk stuffed potato nih..

  2. mmg sedaaaaap. sudah rasa..... bila nak buat lagi niiiih

  3. Waaaah!! Quality Controller a.k.a. Bapak Miior dah bagi excellent testimonial ni. 5 Star? 6 Star? :)

    Kalau I ada oven kat rumah, boleh jugak try making this dish this weekend. Unfortunately, dan malang sekali...ilek!

    Tak per...tak per. I will kumpul all your recipes, and insya Allah will try them all masa rasmi dapur baru di rumah baru nanti, insya Allah.

  4. if nak cepat, i just wrapped the potatoes in very lightly wet kitchen paper towel, poke a few holes with fork and bake in microwave with high setting for 5 - 8 mins (tgk size potatoes)...jgn guna foil in microwave tau meletup nanti he he

  5. Nisah,
    Cuba le buat, nanti kami datang rasa.....ataupun Mak Yan buat,korang datang? Yang mana satu?

    Thanks...kena buat lagi nih...

  6. Shana,
    Bila agaknya nak pindah ke rumah baru? Nanti you must be very busy cooking la ha!....cuba..cuba ..jangan tak cuba!

  7. Zai,
    Terima Kasih for the tips. Tak pernah lagi buat baked potatoe pakai microwave. nanti nak cuba..must be easier la kan.

  8. Azian,

    Good question - I pun tak tahu! Hehehe!

    Have to wait until renovation work siap (which to date MASIH beum start pun lagi because the contractor is busy with another project!) Earliest maybe early next year, insya Allah.

    But, we have started looking at kitchen models, etc. and we're definitely including a proper oven this time. So, no excuses for not baking, etc. nanti. Hehehe!

  9. Happy Birthday, dear!

    Just came from Mior's blog - I say, his birthday poem for you is so sweet. I asked him to cook for you on your special day ni! Hehehe!

    Semoga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezqi, dikurniakan kebahagiaan dan rahmat Allah SWT. Amin.

    Take care :)

  10. Wish you a Happy Belated Bday....pray for many more and have a good weekend....

    me too came from Bapak he he

  11. Shana,
    Thanks again.Mior masak?! Lebih baik jangan...nanti I yang lebih penat kemas dapur dan akhirnya I jugak yang masak nanti( Normally happen bila Mior sesekali masak).Tak pe lah ,tengok poem tu pun I dah kenyang.Soo sweet..lo!

  12. Zai,
    Terima Kasih dengan doa tu...thanks

  13. wow.. I'm always cooking in my head but too occupied (with rather unproductive things) to actually be cooking. I wish I'm as passionate as you. keep on cooking girl!

  14. Arena,
    Thanks for visiting my blog.....datang-datang selalau ye!

  15. Allo,
    Thanks for visiting....Ipoh kat mana? Seronok jumpa orang Perak ni!

  16. err.. were u asking me? if u were.. Ipoh Garden

  17. Salam Azian, saw your link in Zai's blog. Oh, ni kira mcm jacket patato ala Malaysia la.. boleh jugak try ni..