Tuesday, December 25, 2007

December is my busy month

I did not expect this school holiday to be like this. I was caught up in endless cooking sessions. One after another. From various 'kenduris' to several family gatherings and of course Hari Raya Aidil-Adha. I am truly exhausted. That's the reason for my absence from the blogosphere these past few weeks.
Well I am back! Here are some of the snapshots of what I've been up to ... (the pix were rather poor because we were busy entertaining and enjoying ourselves...)

First stop was a trip to Sitiawan, Perak where my dear Kak Encik (my delightful cousin) is staying and she's planning a kenduri bersunat for her youngest son Hadim. My three girls and I took a bus to Ipoh and then tumpang a ride with my sister to her place. It's not that easy because I have to bring along a big box of cake. (Bapak tak ikut because kena kerja)
Now, the thing with Kak Encik was she wanted a full-blown kenduri like orang kahwin. And the best part was that she wanted to masak sendiri. Verrry exciting. Only problem was there're only herself, my sister Kak and I who would be doing the cooking for more than 200 guests. In addition, she wanted both my sister and I to handle the pelamin, the bunga telur, the cakes and the whole works. Very the mengada-ngada. And she wanted this car-shaped cake. I tell you that it's not really trendy anymore to have such a cake but she was very stubborn. And it's not easy to decorate a cake at her house. Alhamdulillah, everything turned out well. The kenduri was a success. Yeay to the cooks!

Here's the "pengantin" Hadim sitting very handsome on the pelamin.
Kak Encik wanted a unique looking meja pengantin (banyak ragam kan?) . So I became overly creative and decided to just lambakkan the ayam bulat and other fruits and salads onto banana leaves. Well, something different lah jugak. The guests were pretty impressed... perhaps they thought this is the latest trend from KL. Hahahah.
The day after, the crew at the kenduri decided to reward themselves by going for a day excursion to nearby Pangkor Island. It was fun and exciting. There were about 18 of us going over that day. Kak Encik belanja. Shukran. Semoga murah rezeki. Amin. That's us in the ferry going over (Front: atie, Alia and Shida. Back row: Faizah, Yong, Kak and Mrsgoodthings.)
Two days later, I went back to USJ with two extra passengers (Afiq , Kak Encik's son, and Nizam, Yong's son). Depa nak jalan2 kat KL. Next day pulak, my two sisters and their families also came over plus my mak. Reason was to attend our nephew's (Naim) engagement ceremony. As the girl's place is only about 5 minutes away, our home became the operation centre for the whole family. My Sister In Law brought all the hantaran to our place for us to touch up. And she brought food too. That's the future bride (Miza) with us the aunts and future mom in law.
Oh yes, in between all these kelam-kabut, we managed to also organise a small birthday party for Bapak who turned 43 on Dec 14. Here's birthday cake. Happy Birthday! Moga Diberi kesihatan keimanan dan rezeki yang berkat. Amin. Sorry, ramai sangat orang terlupa ambik gambar.
By the way, my sister was supposed to go back to Kampar the day after the majlis bertunang but ended up staying back to celebrate Hari Raya Haji with us. Even her eldest daughter and son in law came up to join us later on. In between, we cook and cook and ate and ate. And we also found time making several trips to Ikea, Ikano, The Curve, Sunway Pyramid, Summit USJ, Mydin Hypermarket, CineLeisure and Subang Parade. Sempat tengok movies I Am Legend and The Golden Compass lagi.Very busy oooo.
Here's our Raya Haji spread... spaghetti bolognaise, nasi himpit and nasi tomato. Kenyangggg!


  1. Anonymous7:20:00 PM

    Kak Azian,
    Lamanya menghilang... sibuk betul ya
    Karina (Kelana Jaya)

  2. Karina,
    Thanks...sibuk skit jer..tambahan cuti sekolah pulak.
    Take Care!

  3. Kak Azian,
    Busy busy, ada time jugak gi tengok movies ya... Nasi Impit tu mintak sikit... HEHEHE!!

  4. Azian,

    I tengok all the food pun rasa kenyang!!! :D

    No wonder la lama menyepi... Looks like all of you really had a full and fun school holiday (which is about to end in 6 days!! Yikes!!!)

    The next few days ni we all sibuk nak get school books, etc pulak. School uniforms and shoes baru aje beli two days ago...Semua tunggu last minute! Tak pernah nak serik...

  5. maklang pulak tengah sibuk jahit baju sekolah ni...tak sabar nak habiskan...

    mesti azian ni kaki terror masak ni...itu yang dipanggil kesana kemari...dan sudah pastinya sodap!

  6. amboi...sibuk nyer!!

    Tu lah kan..kat malaysia ni...life is all about relatives...shopping complexes...food...and more food!!!

  7. Cath,
    TEngok movie tu bikannya sibuk tapi menyibuk. Sebenarnya outing tu untuk anak buah tapi Kak Azian je yang menyibuk. Bila time beli tiket, buat -buat tengok syiling and yeay...dapat tiket free.

  8. Shana,
    Kita sama saja la..last minute baru nak shopping baju sekolah. Yang susahnya my girls dah banyak songeh bila time pilih baju...nak cari baju ngan tudung pun susah. Nak yang lembut la and bla, bla..ada ke nak cari tudung yang boleh nampak muka ala-ala bujur sireh!

  9. Mak Lang,
    Terima Kasih sebab sudi melawat my blog.Suka sangat.Sudi-sudilah melawat selalu.
    Kalau dekat bolehla tempah baju kat Mak Lang ye...

  10. Mumsies,
    Glad you dah balik.Kalau dah berkumpul reramai memang seronok...tak kering gusi di buatnya.

  11. beside the kitchen works, memang i feel cuti sekolah nih kita lagi bz....at least kalau schooling days ada gak short break for just for ourselves....i pun belum cari barang sekolah lagi....but maybe just need a pair for each boy kot as their old stuff still ok.....

    lama u 'cuti' ek??

    i was in USJ4 last saturday....tapi tak der number fone u nak contact...

  12. Zai,
    Yeah, you are right, somehow we are busier during the school holidays. You lagilah kan, dengan renovation segala. How is it going?
    I too won't be buying segala benda baru for my daughters when the school reopen .. banyak lagi yang boleh dipakai. Lucky they pun tak kisah nak segala benda baru. we will only be going to cari barang sekolah maybe this weekend.
    Memang tak de rezeki lagi nak jumpa lah yee... you dah dekat dah tu dengan my place...