Friday, December 28, 2007

Chicken Tomato Sandwich

My daughters and I are not really into sandwiches. Okay, occassionally, I did serve up the usual Malaysian-style sandwiches fare like sandwich sardines of sandwich telur. You know, the ones that we usually buy from the Kedai Serbaneka at petrol stations.

However, a little imagination can turn a platter of sandwiches into a sensational assortment of unexpected combinations of chicken, eggs, and tomato. Which I accidentally unearthed this morning while preparing breakfast. And the best part is that my daughters and (and later on the man of the house as well when he got home) simply love it.

I called it chicken tomato sandwich. It is rather simple. It only took me 10 minutes to prepare the whole thing up (but then again sandwiches should be ready in the shortest possible time pun kan?)

All I did was to firstly marinate the chicken with salt, white pepper and black pepper. Marinate it for a minute. Then put the chicken in a wok and add in a spoonful of butter. When the chicken turns brownish, add in the onion and tomato (cubed). Stir for another minute and do not forget to add a dash of Lea & Perrins sauce as well (kalau tak de kicap biasa pun boleh). And in no time, sandwiches' filling is done. Then toast the bread (the usual white bread from Gardenia will do but if you are health conscious then the wholemeal it is).
Put the chicken tomato in between two slices of bread and untuk menambah rasa, add in a sunny side up egg as well. Sedap. Sensational.


  1. my kids like egg sandwiches..mmg slalu wat tu..yup, a lil creativity can form into so many recipes...
    btw, kek strobei kt bwh tu sungguh mengancam ler..hepi belated bithday to ur hbby?

  2. Kak Azian,
    I always like my sandwich with telor goreng... Tak kira lah, sandwich daging ke, sandwich sayur-sayuran ke, mesti nak telur goreng jugak... Sedap kan.??

  3. kak Yan,

    nampak sedapla..thanks for sharing the recipe..

    btw, weekend ni mungkin nak datang rumah kak yan dgn anak2 and cucu2 ayah chik.. boleh ke ? nak tumpang swimming..

  4. Jun,
    Thanks for the wish.I kalau makan sandwich banyak macamana pun mesti nak makan nasi jugak..nasi sejuk pun tak pe...perut melayu tul!

  5. Cath,
    Sama la macam Kak Azian..telur goreng taruk kicap pas tu patah-patahkan cili padi..yummy.

  6. Anom,
    Boleh je...tapi call dulu sb. mungkin nak keluar beli baju sekolah depa.
    Salam kat Nasir!

  7. Good for people to know.