Monday, May 11, 2009

Love Notes from My Daughters!

I almost forgot about this whole Mother's Day thingy until the husband and daughters treated me to a dinner last Saturday night. That's because I am truly blessed with three amazing beautiful daughters so much so that to me, everyday is already a Mother's Day.

I wish for nothing but happiness for my three angels. And I could have not ask for anything else as the joy that they brought me everyday are simply phenomenally satisfying!!

As we normally don't really celebrate Mother's Day, it still came as a surprise that Alia, Asma and Arissa created hand-made Mother's Day card for me (no wonder they were huddling in their room this morning). And that means a world to me!!!!

From Alia:
Happy Mother's Day, Mere (apparently this is how the French call their Mak!!! hahaha ) Thank You for being so caring and supportive and always be there when I need you. For that I love you more than ever. Sorry, if I am not the world's greatest daughter, but I try to be nice Sorry, if I did not turn out to be a genius many parents wish upon their kids. Sorry, if I don't really like Science and Maths, but I do love other stuff. Last but not least, thank you for being the greatest mother in this whole wide world

From Asma:
Happy Mother's Day, Mak No matter how many time I disappoint you, I will make you proud, eventually. I will make sure that your pretty smile will always stays on your pretty face.

From Arissa:
Happy Mother's Day, Okasan (this is in Japanese) You are chibi!!! (Chibi is cute in Japanese)

Thanks my daughters (I didn't know I have a French, Malay and Japanese as daughters today, but I'm still happy...hahahaha)


  1. Those are so incredibly sweet. they r beautiful too.
    u r lucky. n they r lucky to hv u as their mum.
    Happy Mother's day.

  2. haha!

    arissa bagos btol!

  3. bila nak dpt hero ???


  4. aaahh.. that is so sweet kak yan..

    btw, kak yan, anom dah tanya my colleague dah pasal Japanese language tu, nanti kat Penang la citer k..

  5. Anonymous11:48:00 AM

    Terima Kasih

    Mak Yan ni kan chibi


    Dah pencen dah!


    O.k nanti kita cerita ye...kak yan pun dah tak larat dengor orang cakap jepun kat rumah ni.