Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour Dinner

I know there are many people out there who think Earth Hour is a ridiculous event (why, there's even Anti-Earth Hour group in Facebook).

But I support Earth Hour. To me Earth Hour is just that. It’s one hour, 60 minutes of life. I am fully aware that turning off your lights for those 60 minutes will not stop the glaciers from melting. It won’t save one endangered species on the brink of death due to Global Warming, but it will send a message. And I support that message. Earth Hour is a symbolic gesture.

And on that note, we at home decided to "celebrate" Earth Hour with a candle light dinner. Okay, its my husband's idea to get the kids to be more aware of the issues. (And before anyone comments about the greenhouse gasses or whatever effects that the candles released, thus negating the effects of turning off the lights, remember, its symbolic.)

Anyway, we decided to do it rather formally and what do you know, it was quite fun having dinner in semi-darkness and without the fan spinning at full speed above. And we decided to go for something different... as you may see from the menu below:


Green Peas Soup - sedap ler pulak
Main course: Marinated grilled lamb and roasted vegetables
The dessert: Chocolate caramel vanilla and sweetened strawberry

(P.s: Sorry gambor tak clear... maklumle ambik dalam gelap)


  1. Amboi amboi... Candlelight dinner kat rumah... Wah, menu cam makan kat 5-star hotel... Sedapnya sushi...

    Pssst Kak Azian, Cath sebenarnya ada jenguk2 kat blog Kak Azian... Kak Azian aje yang tak perasan... Kekekeke.

  2. Cath,

    Dalam gelap pun berkira nak makan jugak kan Cath...camna nak diet ni. hi,hi

  3. wa ...looks yummy yummy yummy

  4. I totally agree with you K. Yan -- we should support the Earth Hour because it does symbolises this one important message - The planet needs us to be more aware of what we are doing. We have to start changing our habits to lessen the effects of global warming.

    Such a creative idea to make the dinner an interesting as well as a learning one for the girls!!

  5. thaliana,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Do come again..ya!

  6. Anom,
    Iyelah..bukannya susah sangatkan, duduk dalam gelap sekejapjer...dah tu boleh makan lagi.
    Jom! kita buat sit-down dinner nak?

  7. Anonymous10:30:00 AM

    Hi Aizan,

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  8. Yan,

    Niiiiiccceeee :)

    I read in Mior's blog on the write-up on you and your biz' blog.

    Well done! I do'akan business semakin sukses, insya Allah :)

    Take care, dear.

  9. Jessica,
    Thanks for a visiting..

  10. Shana,
    Thanks for the doa.. appreciate it very much. I doakan your dad pun bertambah sihat

  11. kak yan, the menu looked so super delicious...with candlelight dinner and all that. what a cool earth hour u guys had!

    my earth hour went like this: abah - laaa, apsal semua dok dalam gelap ni? (dia baru balik main golf, baru notice 1/2 of seri putra bergelap termasuk rumah sendiri)...hehehe