Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dunia Dapur

Salam Semua,

I have been working on this e-book project (with the intention of making money, obviously) for the past 2 years. I figure since I am surfing the Net, might as well leverage on its opportunities available. So finally, after endless days and weeks trying to come up with this e-book (based on my experience), we finally are able to launch it a couple of days back. I'm no writer and definitely not good with technical stuff.
But with the support from my husband, I managed to come up with www.duniadapur.com that sells my very own e-book on how to make money from your kitchen. It's in Bahasa Malaysia as the tips and pointers are meant for local business set up.
It's only a beginning for me. InsyaAllah.
Want to take a peek at my website, click here. And I have also set up a business blog here.
Tolong doakan ya.

(P.S: The e-book cover above was designed by my daughter Arissa)


  1. Interesting idea Kak Yan. Nanti boleh Anom pun beli..

    Tak sangka Arissa pandai mendesign-design.. Dia guna software apa Kak Yan ?

  2. Anom,
    Thanks. Arissa memang minat sangatpasal mendesign ni, boleh duduk depan komputer sehari suntuk. Yang ni dia pakai photoshop aje.
    Promote kan le e-book Kak Yan ni.Buat masa ni masih lagi belajar a few technical stuff unutk promote e-book. Doakan ye...........

  3. Yan,

    Congratulations on the launching of your biz'! So, ini lah dia the project which you have been working on all this while, ya? Very interesting, indeed. My do'a and best wishes to both you and Mior. Insya Allah, rezqi bertambah with this biz.

    Will read through in detail later, okay? Have to run off now - it's Saturday morning - my Saturday Supersupir duty for the kids beckons...

    Enjoy the long weekend with the family. Take care :)

  4. many congratulations!! have not joined the link but tumpang proud of you!!

  5. wahh..nampak menarik bukuni..mesti banyak tips berguna....tahniah

  6. azian..really proud of u..congrats yer..n all d best!

  7. Essalam Alaikum,
    Masha'Allah Sis! Congrats and may Allah bless you in your business endeavors!

  8. Shana,
    So sorry, my PC at home meragam this past week...tak ada access. Thanks for the doa.

  9. Mumsie,
    Thanks. Saja nak cuba-cuba dulu, mana tahu boleh tambah rezeki.

  10. fadzilsalleh,
    Terima Kasih for visiting my blog. Rajin-rajinla datang selalu ye...

  11. Jun,
    Terima Kasih. Doakan ye..

  12. Wa'alaikummussalam,
    Thank You Sis Jemila! Hope you are in a good health.

  13. Anonymous8:11:00 AM

    Yan, I stumbled upon your blog while hopping around, found that you like to cook yeah, kenapa tak buka restoran, so kita ramai ramai bley gi makan kat restoran you.....

  14. Must be Doreen ni....,
    Hey, Bukan dari dulu I suka masak kan, dah lupa!hi,hik

  15. Anonymous9:55:00 AM

    bagilah resepi kek brownies dan cara-cara membuat kek brownies

  16. are qaseh9:57:00 AM